The UK's inspection scheme for inflatable play equipment

Become a PIPA Inspector

As of 24th November 2021, the PIPA Inspection Scheme started moving away from the existing training and examination format to develop, implement and deliver our own training courses and examinations.

Due to this there is no longer a requirement for PIPA Inspection Bodies to be registered with any other examination provider. However, although no longer necessary, PIPA IBs may wish to continue to be registered with an alternative examination body (such as the RPII) and this does not breach the PIPA Scheme Rules.

The new scheme ensures that PIPA Inspectors and their customers receive better protection and much greater accountability. PIPA, together with the HSE, has put together a comprehensive training programme with clear, concise and up to date information that will be available to all new Inspectors and Inspection Bodies (IBs) with clear guidance from the PIPA Leadership Group (PLG).

Should you wish to apply to become a PIPA inspector, please contact the administration team on the following details

• Email:
• Telephone: 0333 050 5327
• Address: PIPA, 301 Tea Factory, St Peters Square, Liverpool, L1 4DQ